Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear President Obama, Don't Leave the Czech Politicans Out to Dry

Dear Mr. President,

It seems you have come to a decision about the Eastern European missile shield that will be greeted with relief and gratitude by the Czech population when it's announced Thursday. I haven't the expertise to know if it's the right decision. I just know Czech reaction to the issue.

I hope when this decision is announced, adequate cover is given to the Czech politicians who went to bat for America and said "yes, we will allow this missile shield to be built here."

These politicians agreed to help our government when it wasn't popular with their own people. How does America get cooperation the next time, if when we ask them to defend a locally-unpopular idea, we then change our minds and leave them out on the tree limb we've decided to saw off?

P.S. Have you taken a look at how Czech health care stats compare to America's? They are kicking our behinds! Fight harder for health care reform. We are counting on you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Young People, Living and Loving, With Cancer

The big national debate in America is what kind of health care system should there be. Yesterday there was a wonderful radio interview on National Public Radio with two young people in their 20s who are living and loving with cancer. One young lady interviewed, named Iva Skoch, is a native of Prague. Her comparisons of the American and Czech health care systems are fascinating. Click here to hear the interview entitled "Young People, Living and Loving, With Cancer."

I've also included a link to Iva's recent article in Newsweek on "cancertainment."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Nuclear Weapons Can Save Your Life

Yes, I know. You suspect this blog post might be a cheap ploy to get more readership, if only from the weekend shift at the CIA. But actually, I'm sharing this article because I thought it was an interesting rebuttal to President Obama's speech in Prague. I went to hear it with 30,000 other people. He said that the world should work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. This writer thinks differently and makes his case well. When was the last time you read an upbeat article about nuclear weaponery anyway?

I haven't a strong opinion as the subject is outside my area of expertise. I'm just an interested observer with a desire to live out my days. What do you think gentle blog readers? Is President Obama's vision realistic? Or do you side with this writer? Click on my title to read the whole article from this week's Newsweek magazine.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Saturday Profile: With Sharp Satire, Enfant Terrible Challenges Czech Identity

David Cerny at the Franz Kafka Museum
with his two pissing men

Yea, I don't care what this guy at the National Gallery says in this article about David Cerny as an artist, David Cerny rocks. The mischievous side in Czechs is to be encouraged. David Cerny does and says out loud what Czechs could if they gave themselves permission.

What is even cooler, is that David Cerny with all of his finger-poking, is as connected to the Czech political establishment as any artist could be. The politicians appreciate him and are willing to defend him and fund him. Read the Saturday Profile in the New York Times to learn more about this incredibly fun artist.
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