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Sunday, April 27, 2008


If there was ever a word that demonstrated onomatopoeia, its 'vagabonding.' There's just something vague and restless and untethered to the word. I picked up the book Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and found my way to be an expat, and a serial expat at that.

Vagabonding is about using the prosperity and possibility of the information age to increase your personal options instead of your personal possessions. ~Rolf Potts

There is a whole world out there wanting to know English and a whole bunch of people who enjoy moving from country to country to teach it. I learned about Dave's ESL Cafe and the BootsnAll travel network from this book. Those two Internet information providers make even the most committed homebody develop wanderlust.

I have lots of worries moving forward. Will I make enough money, will my house sell, will I be foregoing business opportunities back home, and will the profession be "professional enough." My friends are giving me lots of feedback that I am approaching this in too Bohemian a manner (pun delightfully intended). They keep telling me that I need to do this "the American way" with a high-paying corporate position already in place before I go. They may be right. We'll see. I am convinced though that if I have an open heart and a professional attitude, the Lord will provide. A good friend always says "career desire is an open door."
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