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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playing More With Pomegranates

Roasted carrots with goat's cheese and pomegranates
Yesterday was a cold, overcast day in Istanbul perfect for staying indoors and experimenting in the kitchen. Now that I've learned how to easily remove the seeds from pomegranates, I keep exploring recipes that use them. This is roasted carrots with goat's cheese and pomegranates.  It made for wonderful comfort food.

What Turkish fruit or vegetable should I try next?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve Lunch with pomegranates

Delicious, healthy, and pretty! 
Turkey has such beautiful fruits and vegetables and so much of it is produce that I have never cooked with before. I vowed to change that. Here is a very easy salad I made using an ingredient that is everywhere in Istanbul: pomegranates. I walk by pomegranate trees with big red bulbs hanging from them everyday.
 Christmas Eve Day Lunch:
Quinoa, mint & pomegranate salad 
I found a secret technique that only took two minutes to learn that taught me how to access the pretty, red juicy seeds of the fruit. It was just as easy as it looked. I substituted walnut oil for olive oil in this BBC recipe and voila! A beautiful holiday salad to be enjoyed al fresco.
Christmas Eve Day
A peaceful spot to give thanks
for life
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