Saturday, January 31, 2009

Czech Fashion Report: Tall Black Boots

This pretty lady bought her
very cool hat in Uzbekistan
to go with her black boots

All over Prague this winter, women are wearing boots! Tall black boots predominate but a few other boot colors get in there.

Ivory boots in Old Town Prague

I was telling one of my Czech girlfriends that "European women really live up to their stereotype as chic, sophisticated dressers."

A lovely Czech lady
at Novy Smichov Mall

She asked "exactly how do the ladies live up to that stereotype?"

"Why, all of these ladies in their black boots. It looks urban and hip and feminine!"

She laughed. "Actually," she said, "we just spend a lot of time outside and the boots keep us warm."
Olga from Ukraine says,
"Here you can wear whatever you want."

I asked a new Ukranian friend if this was the reason for the knee high boots and she nodded yes adding "I love Prague because you can dress to be comfortable. Here you can wear whatever you want."

Yet a third European woman shared her pride unprompted at finding a pair with an elevated sole so that her feet never actually have to touch the cold pavement.

Shopping at Swarovski
in Old Town, Prague

Another stereotype bites the dust. It still looks nice though. And since we recently had an unusually harsh cold spell in Prague, I can see their wisdom and not just their fashion.


Bitter Chocolate said...

Um... what else could one wear in the winter? :D

Karen said...

We are actually outside much, much less in America if we aren't using public transit so the need to wear warm footwear is much less.

Sher said...

Hi Karen,'s common sense to adopt this way of dressing, but it's also fashionable! I, too, wear those high boots now, but I like to leave my pant legs on the outside of the boot! Otherwise, I wear them all winter long! When I first got here...I didn't...and froze! :0)

Chasing Travel said...

I too was surprised to see everyone in boots while I was there in January but after spending 4 days walking around in the cold, I truly understood the reason. I kind of miss my boots now that I am back in California and don't need them now.

black boots said...

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