Saturday, May 2, 2009

Real and True Blessings

I've safely arrived in Madison and am up early because I can't sleep. Maybe because it's high noon in Prague. Luckily, there's some leftover lemon chiffon birthday cake from my daughter's 21st birthday and ice cold milk.

My journey was totally awesome. Have you seen the floor at the Prague airport? It's perfect for rollerblading! They should shut down the airport for a day and just let everybody try out that floor - it's huge.

I hung out with a 23-year-old Quebecois waiting for the plane. He was so excited about the Obama administration. Wow, it's nice to hear that again. Appreciation for an American administration by someone from another country. I had to ask him about his own region's politics.

"Are you a separatist?" I asked.

"Yes. Being part of Canada is like trying to make a woman love you who doesn't want to love you. She still wants to live in the same house cause she she wants the house, and she doesn't want to be alone, but she doesn't love anymore. Quebec has been sleeping on the couch for years."

Later I asked him, "does all of Quebec use that analogy?"

"No," he said proudly. "It's mine."

My flight was booked on Swiss Air. Oh my, do the Swiss know how to pamper people. That eight hour flight went by quickly, helped by interesting passengers, a totally fantastic entertainment system, and good food and wine. It was like being cocooned for eight hours. I watched the movie "Burn After Reading" which had me rolling in my seat it was so funny.

Part of the time on the flight, I sat and mused how truly, truly blessed I am with my friends. I know I said it yesterday but to be given so much love in so short a time by so many people, it was such a gift. I could not believe the outpouring of caring. That is my real and true blessing.


MiGrant said...

Sounds like you're in a much better mood!

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,

I was sad to hear about your departure, but, hey, that's an expats' life - one day you're here and the next you're there. Take it from me - 13 moves - 5 countries.
On the Quebec guys' statement. I am from Montreal and can tell you that sometimes I wonder who is sleeping on the couch! The French complain (as we all know they can!) and the English couldn't give a sh** about the French (they don't need them). I have to say, being French Canadian, I'm glad to be able to speak 2 languages and have 'lived' 2 cultures, but the French often act as 'victims'. It's time to grow up, take charge -'go to counseling and get the mariage to work'. The French canadian still holds on to situations that happened 50 - 100 years ago. As an Obama fan - it's time to say, "Yes we can" - we can be anything, do anything, achieve anything we put our mind to - and the English person is not there to stop us, anymore.
That's why my husband and I decided to leave the province, we didn't want our kids growing up in this 'victim' type of place - we have a 'yes we can' attitude and wanted to give that to our children.
expat on the go

Karen said...

Dear Anon, see that's what I thought too, that it was the French who had no use for the English. So you're right, they need counseling :-)

Thank you yes, Michael, I am in a better mood cause I'm not going to let this experience change me from my default setting of relentless enthusiasm for life!

Sher said...

Hi Karen,
It's great to hear you made it back OK...and you sound very upbeat!! :0) That's great!!!

Happy birthday to your daughter...and hope you guys are having a great time together!!! :0)

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

Anonymous said...

The 'anglo-canadians' don't need the French. They have (most of) the money and power, and that's what has been getting the French-Canadians' underwear in a snit.
The French-Canadians act the victim, by saying that the English-Canadians have all the money and power (which is not so false, but not all true :s - if you get my drift!).
The French canadian is the woman in this relationship - the housewife that 'bitches' all day that she has less money and, therefore, power in the relationship. The English Canadian is the husband, that is sick of hearing the wife 'bitch' and, therefore, doesn't listen, nor does what she would like him to do.
The wife (French Canadian) needs to get to a point where she needs to stop feeling that she is 'below' her husband and believe in herself and her capacities - it doesn't mean she needs to get a divorce!
Don't get me wrong - a lot of French Canadians are not 'victims' and have good jobs/careers - my husband, for example.
expat on the go.

Karen said...

Yikes, that description is enough to make me glad I'm single!

Anonymous said...

That's why it's not a happy mariage!! And, probably, never will be, unfortunately.
Expat on the go

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