Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've Got a Ticket to Ride

I decided to take a bus to Istanbul because I knew it would be a volcano-proof plan, I wouldn't have to stay awake watching my luggage like on a train, and I simply wanted a sense of the geography and distance I'm traveling.

My daughter asked, "Does it get to count as a country you've visited, if you just ride through it?" I thought yes.  I told her, "well I count Poland and all I did was go through the Warsaw airport."

"That soooo does not count!" she insisted. What's your standard, gentle reader, for saying, "yes, I visited that country?"  I figure if you breathed their air, you visited it.

This morning, I"m boarding a bus at 9 a.m. for a 27-hour bus ride to Sofia, Bulgaria.  It's a little wierd to be looking forward to a 27-hour bus ride, but hey, that's me. The route covered is fascinating.


BlackGirl said...

Have a safe road trip Karen! Can't wait to read about your time in Istanbul. Hope to see you again in a few. :)

*lynne* said...

LoL good question!

I'm with your daughter. My main mode of travel has been by plane, and I don't count stopovers/plane exchanges at airports as having visited a particular country: only if I step out into the "real world" beyond the airport do I consider myself visting the place. This way I'd have *really* breathed their air (as opposed to canned filtered recycled air within the airport building!)

Christopher said...

Best of luck to you Karen in Istanbul. I hope that all of your paperwork goes smoothly this time.

And good luck with the bus. I don't know if I could do 27 hours.

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