Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanks for following!

I feel like I've been on vacation from my blog - gee, I didn't even need one! I was having fun posting almost daily.  So while I can't really do my regular blog posts until I get internet access installed, I would like to celebrate reaching a count of 40 followers of my blog! Thank you so much for following, I love hearing your feedback and hearing about your adventures too.  If you're not a follower yet, why not sign up today?  It's an easy way to know when I'm "back at it" and posting to my blog.


Ashleigh said...

Many more to follow...tee hee...pardon the pun...congrats, again!

Karin said...

Wondering how you are.....and if you are still in Turkey?

Pat said...

Hi Karen,
I am an Pat, an expat in Switzerland, who has lived in France and Germany too for the past 30 years. I discovered and love your blog and admire your daring chutzpah to start over in such an adventuresome way. I'm signing on. In case you are interested in checking out my perspective ---I too am a fellow empty nester and teacher -- my blog link attached. Will look forward to reading about your exploits...happy exploring. Pat

Karen said...

Thanks ladies for your appreciative comments. Pat, I will check out your blog! Wow, now I'm excited to try and reach 50 followers.

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