Saturday, February 2, 2013

Female Safety in Istanbul

Sarai Sierra, 33
Missing since January 21st
If you are in Istanbul,
please take a good look at her face
let us all be on the lookout for her.

Recently a young American mother on a photography tour went missing in Istanbul and this unfortunate story made the national news all across America. I pray for the safe return of this young woman.

My friend Joy Ludwig-McNutt wrote an excellent blog post about safety in Istanbul on her blog "My Turkish Joys" because she found the comments of Americans about this case so annoying. It's an excellent post. Click here to read it.

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Senior Dogs Abroad said...

Karen, Thanks so much for posting this. Everything that Joy says, of course, is absolutely true. I lived in New York for many years and can say that, in my experience, Istanbul is safer for both women and men.

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