Saturday, September 7, 2013

Istanbul finds out today if it will host the 2020 Olympics

Istanbul's promotional video
for the 2020 Olympics
Today the citizens of Turkey find out if their Olympic bid for the 2020 Olympics will be awarded to them. I wish all Turkish citizens "Iyi şanslar!" on their bid. Turkey would be the first Muslim country to ever be awarded the Olympic Games. As a country with a young, growing population, it would be a terrific fit. Yes, there would be all kinds of problems to be solved, such as smooth traffic flow, but I believe Turkey is up to the task!


retriever said...

Nice video, love istanbull, wonderfull city, greeting from Belgium.

Karen said...

Thank you, Louisette. It would be lovely to see Istanbul get its moment in the sun!

Eli Z said...

Just found your blog, and so enjoyed to read it! We are European expats in India - and have teenagers too... soon leaving the nest... Check out my blog if you like. I'll hang on to yours- great writings:-)

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