Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wonderful food eases newly empty nest

This week I took Daughter #1 back to college in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is a fantastic town for it's natural beauty and intellectual ferment. There are more restaurants here per capita than anywhere else in America. Delightfully, many of the restaurants are ethnic and very affordable.

Within a few blocks of daughter #1's new apartment there is a Japanese, Peruvian, Laotian, Swiss, and Vietnamese restaurant. I especially admire the exuberance of the Vietnamese owners, they called theirs the "I'm Here" restaurant.

The last time I had any exposure to Peruvian culture was my fourth grade shoebox diorama on the Incas, so I voted for the Peruvian restaurant called "Inka Heritage." It was a choice we did not regret.

We were among the first in for the evening
and took a window table.

Andean flute music added to the experience.

As did our terrific waiter Pablo.

Pablo brought us Peruvian corn (very crunchy)
with a tangy cilantro sauce for dipping.

I ordered Lomo Saltado, a dish of very tender beef tenderloin flambed with onion, tomatoes, cilantro, rice and potatoes.
It was fabulous!

Daughter #1 ordered Seco de Cordero, lamb cooked in cilantro sauce, with rice, canary beans, fried yucca, and creole sauce. She enjoyed every bite and said the canary beans tasted sweet.

Almost all of the deserts had a milk-flavored theme.
I chose Tres Leches.
The spongy cake and liquid under whipped creme
was interesting texturally.

Daughter #1 went wild over hers, Mousse de Lucama.
Lucama is a Peruvian fruit that was new to us both.

I enjoyed this Peruvian adventure. Until I get to Machu Picchu, this will be my favorite 'Peruvian' memory. It beats the diorama hands down!


Sher said...

Hi Karen,
Enjoyed reading your posts! The food looks so good in your pictures!! And sounds great, too! I'm leaving for Prague tomorrow...its been great to be home with my family! I got to take my youngest back to college earlier this week...we had a great was hard to leave, but she's doing great!

Have a great day!
Sherry :0)

my opinion said...

Hi Karen, yes, the food looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT MADE ME HUNGRY for Peruvian food!! hahahaaaaaaaa
The pictures look very good only the desserts I have never eaten those. Lucuma is a very special fruit, it almost looks and tastes like a vegetable to me. It sure is delicious to the peruvian palate......and the Lucuma icecream was delicious when I was a kid in Perú! Take care, yvonne

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