Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Morning Menemen

Hot and steaming
before I added my parsley garnish
The easiest Turkish recipe to cook is this one: menemen. I love the name because it is so exotic, yet it is a dish that could be cooked all over the world because the ingredients for it are so ubiquitous and inexpensive. The recipe is easy too. It really can't be messed up.
Bread is necessary to mop up the juices.
I make the slices as thin as possible.
Today I made my breakfast for myself, but one of the emotional tugs I feel writing about menemen is the memory of all the times I have shared it with friends. Breakfast is a very social, very shared meal in Turkey. Sometimes, instead of assembling and eating an entire Turkish breakfast, or ordering an entire Turkish breakfast, one dish of hot comfort food suffices. 


Westy said...

I adore menemen, In fact I cooked it for my breakfast yesterday. So easy to cook that makes me wonder why no other country does it. When I go to the UK to visit my parents my Mum insist that I cook it for breakfast at least once :)

chaplain.cz said...

I haven't had my breakfast yet, & you've whetted my appetite :-)

Backto Bodrum said...

I love that you find Menemen an exotic name. It only reminds me of the dull town of Menemen which is probably the least exotic place around

Karen said...

Westy, I agree completely. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment to say "hey, I cooked Turkish food," even if it was something easy like this. Ricky, this will stick to your ribs, promise. BtoBodrum, its interesting to hear the town is sleepy. If Menemen is the namesake for the food "menemen" they can probably rest on their laurels. Menemen is a big enough gift to the world. :-)

Senior Dogs Abroad said...

Karen, It's kind of confusing when you go to the southeast of Turkey, where we just were, and on the menu is 'melemen.' And we saw this spelling in at least three places so we know it's common. Happily, it was accompanied with the picture so we were able to enjoy our usual favorite for breakfast.

Menemen Tarifi said...

Menemen is a great food for a breakfast.

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