Thursday, April 4, 2013

"The People Who Go"

A sample quote
from the public literature project
"Those Who Go"
My Danish friend Michael, who took me on my very first outing as an expat in the Czech Republic, introduced me to all of his fellow expat friends by saying "you know how there are people who stay and there are people who go? These are the people who go."

I was delighted to learn there is a wonderful contemplative public literature project with nearly the exact same name currently showing in the beautifully designed Denver International Airport. It is entitled simply "Those Who Go."

The artist honors "those who go" by assembling great quotes on travelers and traveling to inspire them as they move through the airport. Even better, an entire library of books devoted to traveling are available free through the project website and free airport wifi for downloading.

The creator of the exhibit says:

"As far as I know, there are four ways to travel:
  • in Space

  • in Time

  • in the Mind

  • and in one's own Self.
This small collection of books includes great travels and travelers from all four dimensions a human being can go. They are meant for you to share and explore. You can download them directly from the link at the airport or from this site, and may they inspire and delight you wherever you are."

What a creative way to share great books and to create a reading culture around and in celebration of one of humanity's greatest activities. What a wonderful reminder that being a 'person who stays' doesn't mean you can't be a person who in the mind...or in one's own self. Which free book will you download?

Special thanks to friend Suzanne LaRue who told me about the exhibit.

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Isil Musluer said...

Dear Karen,

It was such a delight to read your post on "Those Who Go." I was fastinated to read about this project and the way you described it. I especially liked the idea that travel was defined in a wider sense not limiting it to only travels to other geographical locations. Travels in the mind, in time and especially within one's own self are indeed travels that I never thought of defining as a travel. Yet they are ! I think I can now consider myself a complete traveller !

Thank you for this new insight!


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