Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America's finest example of Prairie School Architecture

Another thing I had to see in Springfield, Illinois before I left was the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in America that he created that was complete with all of it's original furniture. It's called the Dana-Thomas house. The State of Illinois had announced it was closing the home due to budget cuts.

There is no way any photo can convey the beauty of this home! As I walked up to it, my mouth dropped open and didn't close the whole time I was there. I'm literally not kidding.

As I walked up, what struck me most, was the size and unusual floor plan of the home, followed by the green frieze work unlike anything I have ever seen anywhere else. That green, maybe it's caused by copper patina, glistened in the sun and drew the eye over and over.

Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his horizontal line. One of the ways he achieved it in this house was to make the vertical morter in his brickwork flush with the brick so that only a horizontal line was created. Can you imagine what a painstaking and expensive process that was?

Surprisingly, this house started not as original construction, but as a remodeling job. The aim of the remodeling was not to create a house for cozy living, but rather a showcase for entertaining. Mission accomplished.

Photos were not allowed of the home so please click on the title to go to the website and see images. Creative souls within the state government must find a way to keep this house open to the public! This is more than a state or national treasure, this home is a worthy of international interest.

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